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Our Roots

Our Purpose
Built on the belief that health is a multi-part experience – and not just mind, body and spirit, but also environment—our company was created to fill a space in the market for herbal remedies that address this connection between the health of people and the health of the environment directly around them.

Every ingredient that goes into a Roots Remedies product is grown on small, family farms located in the United States. By working with the plants that nature provides at our fingertips, in our own backyards, users are improving their own health with the freshest, highest quality natural remedy possible that is custom selected for the environmental factors (climate, allergens, toxicity, etc) your health faces every day.

Just as we are starting to pay attention to where our food comes from and how it is grown – we must also pay attention to where our healthcare products come from. We now know that the conditions our ingredients were grown in directly affect the quality and purity of the products that include them, as well as the environment we are all living in.

Green MedicineWe believe that nature’s best medicine is what grows in your own backyard. As these remedies are best suited, customized, for the health conditions faced by the local community. This belief is reinforced by the biodiversity of the natural world where different bioregions each have their own unique medicine chest of plants for universally common ailments.
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SustainabilityWe believe that our health is inextricably linked to the health of the environment. So any wellness product can only be truly healthful to you if it does no harm to the planet – and maybe even helps.
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Local100% of our ingredients are grown on U.S. family farms. A significant portion of medicinal plants used in herbal products on store shelves contain ingredients derived from other countries, often in areas where soil and water conditions are questionable. But not our products. We source local to our manufacturing facility, our stores and to you.
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