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The Company

We built our company because we couldn’t find anyone else doing this – herbal medicine products that are effective, good tasting and on an explicit eco-mission!

Founded in 2008, the idea for a locally-sourced, herbal products company started in our own backyards. Kathryn met herbalist Peeka Trenkle as a student and was completely entranced by the herb walks her teacher led pointing out the numerous plants with medicinal value. This personal connection between nature and health was the kernel of the idea for this company. Bringing your own backyard to you – using the plants that grow around us to improve our health is a natural, empowering way to deeply resolve health issues. And by using the healing benefits of nature, we knew we also needed to commit to a sustainable mission to preserve the natural world around us for future generations looking for their own health remedies. So we combined our natural health mission with an eco-mission and Roots Remedies was born! Nourish your nature: to us it says it all.